LaLaport BBCC, first Mitsui Shopping Park in Southeast Asia opens

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is set to become a great shopping paradise in Southeast Asia with the opening of the Mitsui Shopping Park, LaLaport BBCC in Bukit Bintang City Center. Situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur, this new LaLaport, Mitsui Shopping Mall LaLaport is the first regional retail facility in Southeast Asia! A new urban architecture of 'modern simplicity' & 'Japanese Flavour' design concept will bring a new customer shopping experience of Japan in Malaysia.

Opened on 20 January 2022, there are 5 floors with a total floor area of approximately 133,00 sq. m. 

There will be approximately 400 stores with an optimal tenant mix that will be opened in sequence upon LaLaport BBCC's opening with numerous well-known brands from Japan that are making their first appearance in Malaysia. 
Public transport - This LaLaport BBCC is easily accessible with public transportation with the Hang Tuah transit interchange that serves the three rail services of light rail transit (LRT), Monorail, and mass rapid transit (MRT). The best thing here is also a direct linkage from this station to BBCC via the elevated walkway and tunnel to enhance the walkability. 
By Car/ drive - Of course, if you drive, you can use Waze to guide you on directions driving on the roads and can easily park 5 floors of basement parking. 
Grab car - easy e-hailing app that can get you to anywhere in Malaysia

Gourmet Street

There will be new food experiences in LaLaport BBCC that have never before been seen in shopping malls in other malls in Malaysia. New first F&B stores such as previously Michelin-listed store to new concept dining by famous chefs that include Shin’Labo, Marta’s Kitchen, Buena Brasa Gastropub, DONQ/Mini One, MATCHA EIGHT, YAKINIKU SIZZLE by YAKINIQUEST and countless others. Of course, for locals who love local traditional food, there are also local Malaysian restaurants.

Yummy Matcha ice cream - MatchaEight

Serves artisanal premium 100% natural Japanese Tea ice cream made with finest tea powder from Wazuka town. Curated under the exclusive partnership with Master Chef Takuji Takahashi, a Michelin-starred chef, he skillfully devised each recipe for Matcha Eight ice cream without additives and preservatives. Offered here are 3 series Sencha, Matcha and Hojima. I tasted this Matcha Eight ice cream and it was delicious, not sweet with had slight bitterness. 

(left) Managing Director of Matcha Eight: Miho Kaneho
(Thank you for obliging this photo with me)

Nojima: First ever digital & home appliance store in Malaysia 


Nitori is a furniture and interior design specialty store with more than 640 stores in Asia, US and Japan. Nitori is also famous for its "N-Cool" series of beddings, which is suitable for our hot Malaysian weather. 

Located at the centre of Gourmet Street, this space is wide impressive for functions and events. The pillars are shaped with a big W to represent the word 'WOW'

To getaway from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life, one can just go up to the Central Rooftop Garden in LaLaport BBCC. The view here is fantastic, size is around 1,700 sqm and is surrounded by greenery and trees. This is also a unique open-air event space. 

Staff Lounge
In line with the Japanese culture of good staff welfare, employees can expect a pleasant work environment in LaLaport BBCC. There are nice features in the staff lounge such as a napping space, powder rooms, free Wi-Fi, smartphone and PC charging areas, and plants and greenery in abundance. 

Here are the lists of first-ever brands/outlets in Malaysia at LaLaport BBCC:

*Matcha Eight - delicious matcha ice cream
*DONQ / Mini One - famous bakery founded in 1905 in Kobe
* Coo&Riku : I hope to go to this pet shop with cute cats at the cat cafe
*Hawker Chan - was in Michelin's first-ever guide to Singapore
*Shin'Labo - a fusion of modern French techniques with Japanese produce and Malaysian ingredients
*Nitori - furniture & interior store
*Nojima - digital & home appliance store
*Star Child - Japanese quality Childcare 
* Tamaruya Honten Steakhouse 
* Nitinagin & Co - Malaysia's First Indoor Thai Floating Market
* Yakiniku Sizzle by Yakiniquest - for wagyu beef lovers
*Zoff - Japanese eyeglass brand

What a great landmark transformation here because this site was formerly a famous prison in Malaysia known as Pudu Jail that was built by the British in 1895, closed in 1996 after 101 years. Many criminals were jailed and some were executed by hanging inside this jail then. This rather interesting history may be a major attraction to locals as well as tourists.

Here is a video of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BBCC 

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