Review of Zombie series: 'All of us are dead'

Zombies from South Korea seems like taking over the world? To some die-hard horror and zombie fans, I am sure they love to watch this genre, irrespective of which country it is from. My girl is one that loves to watch horror, ghost, and zombie dramas and movies very much. 

Seems that there are more and more zombie apocalypse dramas and films from South Korea recently,  such as, the famous 'Train To Busan', ' 'Kingdom', 'Alive', 'Dark Hole', 'Flu', 'Seoul Station', 'Zombie Detective', 'Sweet Home'. This new 'All of us are dead' started airing its first episode on January 28, 2022 and has a total of 12 episodes which is just right, (as I don't like series dramas that are too long). It has become very popular and became the most-watched Netflix series in America recently. 

This 'All of us dead' is about a high school becoming ground zero for zombie outbreak. Students are trapped inside the school compound and have to find a way out on their own. The zombies are caused by a man-made virus, can mutate inside the human body, and are difficult to contain. Some zombies can be asymptomatic. Sounds familiar? 

There is great chemistry between the characters and most acted well, fit their roles, and delivered convincingly. Love to see fatty Dae-Su's facial expression, how well Lee Cheong-San(Chan Yon Hon) and Lee Su-Hyeok(Park Solomon) fight, the cool class president, Choi Nam-ra( Cho Yi-hyun) and the wise girl Nam On-Jo (Park Ji-hoo) teaching them survival skills that she learned from her father who is the chief of a fire department. As each gripping episode progressed, they went through the roller-coaster of emotions, finding ways to survive, and how their friendship and relationship got stronger. 

I am not a particular fan of living dead scenes, and have watched a few South Korean zombie genre such as Train to Busan, Kingdom, but I am giving a 9/10 rating to this 'All of us are dead'. Why? Because this series did portray moral values in family life, the practical realities, and the sinister as well as the good side of humans. 

 1. Family values: Selfless parental love to their children, siblings bonding, understanding and love. Trust and care and also the pains of being a child trying to conform to parent's expectations. 

2. Be Honest and Trusting in Friendship: This is good for school children to get along with others. It shows how they have to stick together and even sacrifice/give up oneself for the sake of and safety of other friends. 

3. Bullying is wrong: Do not condone bullying, be it, teachers, parents, or schoolmates.

4. Human behaviour- the norms and exploitations to own selfish advantage. Good values from the detective and unrealistic sacrifice of the English teacher. The realistic unashamed actions of the politicians and the headmaster's actions ( and also some of the teachers).

5. Do not look down on others: You may not know what challenges other people are going through. 

Notice how the bow ties are still so neat and nicely attached! 

  I gave the one-point less in rating is because plot-wise, it is quite normal, the storyline is predictable. Some small details such as the school uniforms are always neat, except for a few spots of bloodstains on the sleeves. I am also curious as to how the blouses are all buttoned up nicely and with the bows attached so firmly, and perfectly in place! Even the boys' ties are still attached (although loosely) after fighting with dozens of zombies! 

Overall, this 'All of us are dead' is still a worthwhile series to watch. Some of my friends even binge through all the episodes at one go!

Happy watching, maybe more zombies are coming.

 Spoiler: The ending is good but there is small suspense for future season 2? Don't worry, to me the ending is better than Squid Game!


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