Seafood Dinner at DeHappy Seafood Restaurant (快樂海鮮大酒家), Georgetown, Penang

Penang Island is a foodie's heaven, with lots of different cuisines. But for dinner, as a Malaysian, normally we would prefer to eat rice accompanied by a number of dishes. I visited Penang Island during the last Christmas holidays and was looking for a seafood restaurant. I was glad to have found this DeHappy Restaurant which is also within walking distance from my hotel. DeHappy Seafood restaurant is situated right in the heart of Georgetown, at Jalan Macalister. 

The exterior looks impressive, with bright colorful lights. Wide, spacious, and open facing the road, this open concept is good as we can see the cars passing by. No door, or enclosed inside a stuffy interior. This is the type of restaurant I look for nowadays whenever I go dine in. Why, because in this Covid era, enclosed air conditioning space is best to avoid. Psst...alfresco dining in the open air is popular now, thanks to Covid! This is a halal restaurant too, as I can see Malays, Indians, and Chinese dining here as well. 

As in any seafood restaurant, there are many tanks of seafood with the prices stated. You can just choose pick and choose the type of fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, geoduck, prawns, and others, and have it weighed in front of you. Then you will be told the price of the dish before they send it to the kitchen to be cooked. Oh yes, you can choose the style of cooking too, for example, for crabs, there are Nyonya style, Buttermilk style, Tomyam style, plain steamed or chili crab. 

Chili Crab

I chose Chili Crab cooking style for my crab dish. Delicious, not so spicy with yummy gravy. We can specify to them how spicy we want it to be cooked. This type of chili crab is best eaten with fried mantou.

Fried Mantou.
Just dip the fried mantou into the gravy..hmmm it's so heavenly!

Spinach fried with garlic
Eggplant fried with tofu

A sumptuous filling dinner! The food was all cooked to perfection and tasted delicious. No complaints and our stomachs are full and happy. All in with 5 bowls of rice and a bottle of Tiger beer cost RM289.15. (This is the price at December 2021). To a Penangnite, it may be costly and at a touristic price, but to me from a big city, Kuala Lumpur, I'll say this price is reasonable. 

This restaurant is located on the same premise as Zim Sum restaurant that operates in the morning. 

Year of the Tiger so a bottle of Tiger Beer here too. 

My ratings: 
Location: 10/10
Taste: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 9/10

This is not a sponsored post.

DeHappy Seafood Restaurant
58, Macalister Road,
10400 Penang
Tel: +60124852388

Google map of location of DeHappy Seafood Restaurant

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