5 Fun Activites at Selangor Fruit Valley, Best Agrotourism in Malaysia

Let's go close nature, explore the tropical fruits in this vast Selangor Fruit Valley! To me this is the best holiday for the whole family, friends, and tourists! Yes, Selangor Fruit Valley (SFV) is only an hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur. The whole tour takes about half a day, and don't worry, there is not much walking as there are tram cars to take you around. I was estactic when I received an invitation from Tourism Selangor to visit Selangor Fruit Valley about two weeks ago. 

Carambola Monument

Selangor Fruit Valley (SFV) is developed by PKPS that is Perbadanan Kemajuan Selangor, a subsidiary of Selangor State Goverment. The aim is to provide interactive learning and hands-on experience to visitors on plants, animals, and fun outdoor activities. The attractions here are tram ride, petting zoo, harvesting vegetables or guava, herbal garden, rubber tapping discovery and learning, biking, salted eggs making, fruits, stingless bees, traditional Selangor House and Carambola monument for photography and others. Activities offered are seasonal and depend on the availability and also it can be customized and prebooked. 

First stop, we arrived at the Deer park and we can hand-feed the deers. Then we went to the rabbit park where we can pet and take photos with cute rabbits. There are also hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehog, birds, stingless bees, ducks, goose, goats, roosters and hens. 

Fun Activity 1: Deer Park

Deer Park

We had so much fun feeding deers and everyone is clamoring to take photos! The deers are so tame and come near asking for food. 

Fun activity 2: Rabbit Park

Cute rabbits where you can pet and also take photos with them. 

Tourists can take photos with cute little bunny rabbits

The next stop is the Duck Farm

Fun Activity 3: Making of Salted Duck Eggs 
This is a very interesting activity where we learn how to make salted duck eggs. At first, a demonstration of the process was shown. 

After that, we were given the chance to make salted duck eggs ourselves. I totally enjoyed the whole process from first washing the fresh duck eggs clean, drying them, coating them with a layer of clay, and then covering them with a second layer of black salted charcoal paste/soot. The eggs can be consumed after 10 days but they can be kept longer. Don't worry, the eggs won't turn bad, the longer the salted eggs are kept, the saltier they will be. The best part of this activity was, we can take home the salted eggs that we made, yahoo! I tried making the salted duck eggs and got my fingers all black but it was a wonderful experience ^-^. I felt very happy too, hooray, I learned something new!

Yay, mission completed, notice my dirty black fingers?

Fun activity 4: Plucking Lohan guava

This was another very interesting activity where we can choose and pluck guava and take it home, horaay! First, we were told how to identify the ripe guava, then use a scissor to cut at the stem on top of the fruit. I had so much fun walking among the guava trees looking for big ripe guavas to cut and take home. 

Finally, I found one big juicy one guava and manage to cut it!

Fruits in Selangor Fruit Valley (SFV)
There are about 25 types of fruits here, such as pandan coconut, guava, pineapple, mangosteen, durian, banana, starfruit, mango, jackfruit (nangka), cempedak, dukong, turnip, rambutan, nangchem and others. Nangchem is a special fruit that is a combination of jackfruit (nangka) and cempedak, so that the fruit will be big as nangka, has the sweetness of both and yet has soft texture of cempedak. 

A refreshing stop for morning tea here

Cooling down with fresh coconut water after a hot day.

Crispy fried banana, nangchem, sweet potatoes

4. Tram Ride

The Tram is mono tram tractors, open on both sides so that we can have a clear view including the ease of taking photos. We were also briefed all along the way by staff of SFV on what the plants and I enjoy sitting inside the Tram and watching the scenic views. I get to know so many types of plants on the right side and left side of us. This is very helpful and informative from SFV. 
Scenic view of from the Tram

Rows of Pineapple plants

We pass by green houses, grapes plants, starfruit trees, coconut trees, bamboo trees,  nice ponds for water activities, various vegetable farms, lohan guava plants, stingless bee hives, and many others. 

Fun Activity 5. Photography session and Herbal Garden
Our last tour is a walk inside Herbal Garden and photography session. I have learned alot about tropical local herbs and plants.

This is the first time I have seen this plant called 'Buah Mentega' (Diospyros blancoi)

Buah Mentega 



Entry Fee:
Malaysian: RM15.00 -Adult, RM 10.00 - children / senior 
Non Malaysian: RM30.00 Adult, RM25.00 - children

Opening hours: 9am - 4 pm,
Close on Friday.

Tel: 016-6880792/ 012-3432971
Email: selangorfruitsvalley@gmail.com

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