How to get to Bangkok city centre from Don Mueang Airport


Recently I went to Bangkok for a short holiday. I landed at Don Mueng airport as I was flying with AirAsia. This is an old airport, so there is no train connection from the airport to town. Since I was going on a budget backpack style of holiday, I was at first quite worried about how to get to town from the airport to town in the cheapest and most convenient way without a hole in my pocket. 

Upon reaching the airport, the first thing I do is get myself WIFI. Checking around, I bought the 4 day unlimited sim card at 199Baht only (RM24.19). So easy and I have solved my connection to the world and social media! Then I went to the Information Centre at Don Mueang airport to enquire about transport to town. I was told to take Bus A2 and change to the BTS train.

First, go out at Gate 6. This Gate is near the information centre. 

 Walking outside, we can see the sign board and that is the bus stop. Don't worry, there is a lady bus station master around. 

This is the bus route on display. 

I waited for about 10 minutes, and finally the A2 bus arrived.

These are buses from airport, so there is a place infront of bus to store big luggages. As the bus is not so crowded, I saw some people just keep their small luggage with them in between their legs.  

This lady bus conductor is very helpful and efficient. As a tourist, you can tell her where you want to stop. The fare is only 30 Baht. I saw one guy gave her a big note, as he didn't have any small Thai Baht, so she has to change to smaller notes at the Tol counter for him. 

This A2bus will stop at Mo Chit bus stop, which is also connected to BTS Mo Chit station. Get down the bus and walk up the stairs to BTS Mo Chit train station. 

Hmm.... I had a small misfortune here, as I misintrepreted the instructions at airport and thought that I had to go to the last bus stop to change to BTS Mo Chit. So, I went all the way to at the last bus stop. Got down from the bus, and, OMG, it was actually the big Central Train station of Bangkok! Oh dear! But luckily, I found a good samatarian at a cafe there, and together with the cafe owner, they helped me. They checked the possible means of transportation to go back to the Mo Chit BTS station, that is either by Grab car or taxi. Grab car fare is very much higher than normal taxi. So they suggested to take a taxi, but, I do not know where and how to call a taxi. The young lady went out to look for a taxi and sat in the taxi back to the cafe. She reminded us that must tell the taxi driver that we want to "follow meter". So finally we reached Mo Chit BTS station by taxi. Thank you very much, young lady. (Regreted that I didn't get her name).

From the BTS train, you can stop at Siam station, the central shopping malls at Bangkok. Or you can proceed to other BTS train station that is nearest to your hotel.

My destination: Erawan Shrine (also know as 4 Face Buddha) 

I wanted to go to pray at Erawan Shrine, so my journey is from BTS Mo Chit to Chit Lon station. From the station, I walked along the cool spacious shaded walkway above the train. 

Congratulations to Thailand for constructing this walkway which is so very convenient to commuters. I love it very much!

Erawan Shrine view from walkway. 

Oh yes, just a little bit more on transportation of my ride back to Don Mueang Airport from my hotel. My hotel is Baiyoke Sky Hotel, I enquire the fare at the hotel which is 400Baht. Remembering the advice of the young lady, we walk to the roadside to stop a passing taxi. I told the taxi driver 'Don Muang airport go by meter' . Well, guess how much is my taxi fare? It is only 185Baht! Hmm...getting lost is a blessing in disguise, as I now know how to take a taxi in Bangkok! 

Taken at Don Muang Airport

Happy holidays! 

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and all the memories we’ve made along the way.” – Unknown  
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