Une Olive en Provence @ Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur

Olive, yes olive oil, this versatile stone fruit has many health benefits. I have used olive oil for more than 30 years for my hair, skin and cooking. Olives are high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Thus, I was very excited when I heard from a friend that Une Olive en Provence (authentic olive products from France) is here in Sunway Velocity Mall!
For centuries olive has been used in European and Mediterranean civilisations until it has been referred to as "Golden Fluid of the Mediterranean" in the ancient era. Une Olive en Provence is from Moulin du Mas des Barres, situated between mountains and rivers, in Provence, France. Moulin du Mas des Barres has been awarded the Appellation d'Origine Controlee (A.O.C.) This A.O.C. is a geographical indication certifying than everything, from raw materials to processing and final products are from clearly defined and reliable region with excellent quality. 

Do you know that the entire olive tree can be used? First it's the well known Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is the premium choice for any skincare regime to ensure great radiance and protection against harsh damage by pollution and also lower heart disease when we use it for cooking. Olive Blossom extract, the white flowers has calming and regenerating power. The Olive leaf extract is rich in flavonoids and chlorophyll, making it a good source of antioxidants. Vegetal Olive squalane has a powerful natural rejuvenating component that is essential and Une Olive en Provence products are enriched with it.

Une Olive en Provence at Sunway Velocity has a wide range of skincare products from hair, face, skin, bath and cleansing.  Below are some of the examples: 
From left: Face Care, Face Cream and Anti wrinkle Night Care Cream
Face care: *Instant Lift Radiance Cream contains micro pearl particles to give instant radiance, leaving skin nourished with a luminous glow : 50ml - RM329
*Face cream, contains olive derived squalane, olive leaf and flower extract and enriched with extra virgin olive oil for lasting balance and hydration effect.: 50ml - RM349
*Anti Wrinkle Night Care Cream, enriched from edelweiss flowers from Alps, a powerful rejuvenating and lifting agent: 50ml - RM369

Face Scrub 
* Face Scrub - deep cleanses with natural ingredients of live stones and bamboo powder: 100ml - RM145

 Body Scrub

Shower Gel 500ml- RM149

Green soap, multipurpose soap 150ml- RM59

Black soap 150ml - RM59

 Olive Oil flowers Room Spray 100ml - RM245

Conditioning Balm 250ml - RM129
 Conditioning Balm for all types of hair enriched with jojoba seed oil and wheat protein, which helps repairing, tonifying and regenerating for all hair types. 

 Hand cream 100ml - RM99
Massage Oil 150ml- RM265
Olive oil is very good for skin, proof? I am the living proof, because I have massaged olive oil on my stomach during pregnancy and until today my stomach skin is smooth fair without any stretch marks! And for your info, I went through three pregnancies!

 Voyage 5-Pc Set - RM80
For those who travels often, this is a highly recommended travel pack. The Voyage 5-Pc Set includes - Shower Gel 50ml, Conditioning Balm 30ml, Hand Cream 30ml, Green Soap 25g and Black Soap 25g. It comes in a handy pouch where you can also take along with you to the gym or any adventures as it is indeed very convenient. This can also be your first trial of this famous Provence product.
In conjunction with Sunway Velocity's 1st Anniversary on 8 December, Une Olive En Provence is having this very special offer of only RM1 for Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap. The normal price for this soap is RM59, so quick get to Une Olive En Provence at Sunway Velocity as early as possible as it's for first 80 customers only. 

 Promotions for this festive season

 Check out the website of Une Olive en Provence for current promotions and discounts. Une Olive en Provence shop is just on the ground floor near the escalator in Sunway Velocity Mall, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Une Olive en Provence
Lot G-52A, Sunway Velocity Mall, 
Lingkaran SV, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6018 222 6653

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