Food Adventure in Genting Highlands

I love to go to Resorts World Genting for a short break from the usual heat and hot weather in Kuala Lumpur. Public transportation up Genting Highlands is convenient and you are able to enjoy the view of nature while sitting in the gondala. For further details on transportation check out this link How to go to Resorts World Genting Highlands

"What type of restaurants are there in Genting Highlands? Are they very expensive?" these are some of the questions my friends would ask me. Oh yes, recently there are some common popular local food outlets already available in Sky Avenue such as Boat Noodle, BBQ Plaza, BMS Organics, Texas Chicken, Morganfield's, I love Yoo!, Ah Yip Herbal Soup just to name a few. So, actually Sky Avenue has a wide list and a good mix of fine dining restaurants, cafes, food kiosks, bespoke food outlets both local and overseas flavors and cuisines. Thus here, I would like to share with you some expensive and cheap food in my medley food adventure trail. 

1. BMS Organics 

A vegetarian cafe that will definitely be appealing as a healthy meal. BMS Organics uses seasonal vegetables and all natural organic ingredients.

Grilled BMS Chef's Burger - RM31.90 with tapioca fries, BMS Signature Nasi Lemak -RM23.90 and BMS Soy Milk Cury Laksa with handmade noodles -RM23.90

2.  JR Curry
Situated on the 4th floor on top of Sky Casino, JR Curry opens 24 hours. This is really a good move as Resorts World Genting has exciting things happening all round the clock.

I love to see there are many types of food on display and you can just choose the dishes. There are also ready fried noodles for those who do not want rice.

Prices are reasonable and drinks and fruits are available in the Grab & Go section.

3. Only Mee

Another 24 hours outlet, the mee is freshly made daily. I highly recommend wantan mee as I feel it is the best of all. (both dry and soup type are equally good)

To try variety, this Little Bowl Noodles is a must have. You can pick 4 choices for only RM16.

4. Morganfield
Morganfield serves classic American BBQ dishes specializing in Pork ribs and finger food platters for sharing.

This platter of BBQ sticky bones pork ribs is simply heavenly. 

5. NeNe Chicken
"Ne Ne" means "Yes Yes" in Korean. This authentic Korean fried chicken has been around since 1999.

There are 4 flavors: Original, Swicy, Bulgogi and Freaking Hot. For those who can't eat spicy food, please don't try Freaking Hot as it is really, really spicy! I highly recommend the swicy type as it is full of flavour and stickily sweet. Drinks are refillable and hand plastic gloves are provided too.

For regular 3 pieces: Original - RM19.90 Flavoured- RM21.90
 Soft serve Black Sesame is delicious and goes well with all this NeNe chicken - RM6.90


Dome originate from Western Australia, serves an all-day breakfast, pastries, pasta, sandwich, salads, soups and rice dishes. Fisherman's platter is a dish that can be shared by two. 

Fisherman's Platter - RM42.90
A seafood combination of crispy fish bites, litghtly battered prawns, salt pepper squid, garden salad and served with three tasty sauces.

Left: Hot Macha - RM17.50 (regular) Right: Apple Blueberry Pie - RM14.00

7. Ah Yip Herbal Soup
With all the stress of modern world, why not pop into Ah Yip Herbal Soup to rejuvenate your body.

There are various types of soup available but I was served 2 types of promotional soups on that day.

Left: Coconut Chicken Soup - RM20.90 (member-RM19.80) Right: Ginseng Stew Chicken Soup - RM 36.30 (member - RM35.20)

8. Royale Vietnam
Immaculately decorated interior gives you the feel like you are in royal palace! There is lots of emphasis on salads and vegetables in this authentic Vietnamese restaurant.

The food is served with well crafted vegetables and colorful edible leaves and flowers.
Tasty Pineapple Fried Rice - RM32, Special House Beef Noodles - RM32, Mango salad

Summer Spring Rolls -RM18, Coffee - RM15 and Coconut - RM18

9. BBQ Plaza

A recently opened restaurant in Sky Avenue, it is on full house most of the time!

This value set costs RM138.80  for 4 pax with 4 bowls of fragrant fried rice is really worth it! You can enjoy BBQ on the hot plate in the cool weather up in the clouds here.

10. Babajia

BABAJIA means "baba house" serves authentic Baba Nonya food and snacks. This is one of my favourite restaurant as I am of Baba Nyonya descendant too.

Yong Chow Fried Rice -RM19.00

Nyonya Laksa - RM20.00, a bowl of laksa full of flavors, spices, taugeh, hard boiled egg. Highly recommend for those seeking nyonya curry laksa. Babajia is a 24 hours restaurant.

Here comes a gigantic glass drink called Jumbo Herbs (RM17.00). Tastes good, this healthy drink consists of serai, assam boi, pudina leaves, lychee, longan all mix together. Can be shared by 2-3 pax. 

11. Richdad

I am glad to have some adventure in Richdad when this name of baby lobster caught my eye in the menu. I called it adventure as eating these baby lobsters need to have skills getting the meat out and have to use fingers to handle it!
Richdad opens 24 hour so you can have a meal anytime, be it late night or early morning at 2am or 3 am..

Baby Lobster Butter sauce comes with rice, broccoli and sliced cucumber. Price: RM30.00

12. Texas chicken
Started in 1952 by George W. Church, Texas Chicken is another reasonably priced fast food chain.

Photo credit: Texas Chicken
There are two varieties of Fried Chicken: Original or Spicy

Cheese Fries (Photo credit: Texas Chicken)

13. Boat Noodles

This popular Thai Street food is now in Sky Avenue! Why is it called Boat Noodles and there is so little noodles in the bowl? It originated from the time when the fishermen want to take their meals in the boat, the noodles inside the bowl has to be little so as not to spill out because they are inside a rocking boat. Now it has become a craze food with long queues in Shopping malls.

The noodles are only about 2 spoonfuls in the bowl.

Hot Steamy Sangkaya - steam bread with kaya - RM10.50

  This food adventure lists only 13 restaurants out of the over 70 food and beverages outlets in Sky Avenue. Wherever we go, we have to recharge our body with food just as we have to refill our car with petrol. I hope this list can be helpful to you when searching to recharge yourself.

For those interested in Desserts please read this link: My Top 10 Desserts Adventure in Genting Highlands

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