Top 10 Desserts Adventure in Genting Highlands

Desserts with bright colorful, tantalizing bites, mouth watering gastronomic delight, eye pleasing adorable pieces definitely radiates out the irresistible power of attraction to those with a sweet tooth. Yes, desserts and snacks are my first love and only love when it comes to food. Sweet cravings are very addictive and I am very happy that Resorts World Genting offered many outlets of snacks where I can rest my aching feet and satisfy my cravings of my sweet tooth after walking around the vast 1.434 million sq. feet of Sky Avenue Mall which is 6000 feet high up in the clouds. 

Sky Avenue in Resorts World Genting has a mix of F&B establishments and outlets from different parts of the world. Being a local as well as international tourist resort, I was amazed by the growing countless gastronomic mix here. This is part of my journey of desserts adventure upon the invitation from Resorts World Genting.

1. Dream Color

The rate of F&B expansion in Resorts World Genting is very fast and there is always something new and exciting happening. During my recent trip to Resorts World Genting last week, at an outlet called 'Dream Color'. the long bottles with layers of colorful drink is the latest surprise to me. Looking from afar, I was curious about the taste. 

Dream Color, its aptly named because you have to shake the colorful layers in long bottle to mix the colors into a dreaming state before you drink. The main ingredient is butterfly pea flower (which give the bright blue color) and layers of different colors from  different types of fruits juices. Butterfly Pea flower has antioxidant properties and long been used to make it traditional cakes (kuih) and to cook rice. Thus it is a healthy drink that's healthy and will it  make you dreamy?  You've got to try it then!

Dream Color
Level 1, T2-55, Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting Highlands

2. Tokyo Secret

My favorite Hanjuku cheese tart is available in Sky Avenue! I will not miss Tokyo Cheese tarts and must get at least one cheese tart whenever I see an outlet in any shopping malls. But this newly launched Syukurimu presents another version of crispy bites which I got hooked immediately. .

RM9.90 each

The pastry skin is crispy with sprinkles of crunchy crushed almonds and inside soft nice rich creamy custard filling. Caution, it must be eaten within 2 hours otherwise it won't be crunchy anymore.

Tokyo Secret
Level 1, T2-42, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

3. Tian Ma Birdnest
Bird nest is long known traditionally for health benefits such as improving immune system, aids recovery from respiratory problems, helps skin complexion and rejuvenation. It is also known as the "Caviar of the East" (from  US National Library of Medicine), and is made from the saliva of cave dwelling birds called swiflets. 
Chicken Porridge and Bird nest - RM38.00

This is the first time I eat porridge with bird nest. Looking at the bowl, I was thinking this is a unique combination: as prorridge is a poor man's meal and bird nest is one of the most expensive food in the food. But it actually turns out delicious and I had so much fun scooping the shining strips of bird nest from the porridge!

Bird Nest + Coconut - RM58
Pure bird nest with coconut flesh and you are given a small jug of coconut juice to pour into the bowl. Delicious! This is a deluxe series to be sold in the month of June only, so better not miss it if you are in Genting Highlands in June.

Tian Ma Birdnest 天马燕窝

Level 4, T2C-05B, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

4. Starbucks Reserve
Starbucks Reserve! There's only six in Malaysia so far, therefore I feel fortunate to be able to visit one of them at Resorts World Genting. Starbucks Reserve provides total experience of coffee craft and is constantly in the pursuit of the world's rarest most sought after small-lot coffees. 

I was happy to learn a lot from barista Omar Shaari at Starbucks Reserve in Genting Higlands last week. Starbucks Reserve offers specially sought after small-lot coffee and it changes after some time. Now on sale are Kenya Kamwanyi and Guatemala Flor De Rosario small-lot coffee where you can also buy home to brew it yourself. 

The prices are shown below:

How to order brewed coffee from Starbucks Reserve? Step 1, pick the type of coffee, for example I pick Kenya Kamwangi. Step 2, choose your brewing method, be it Chemex, Pour over or Siphon method. Lastly, enjoy your special brewed coffee!


Another new outlet, I Love Yoo! offers a typical local snack of Youtiao, soya bean curd, soyabean water, sesame balls which can also be eaten as breakfast. The latest addition to the menu for breakfast set is the Fragrant Herbal Chicken - RM19.90 with either rice, mee or porridge. 

6. llaollao 

Yogurt is good for health, full of probiotics and llaollao is a special yogurt from Spain. It is soft, creamy, a weeny bit sourish and it is served with 3 various types of toppings of your choice. The main reason I like IIaoIIao is because it is definitely a healthier dessert than ice cream. IIaoIIao, (pronounced as Yao Yao) is my best friend's favourite, and it's yogurt cake is heavenly (but only certain branches sell this).

Tubs: Small-RM13, Medium -RM18, Large -RM21

7. Gindaco

An all time favorite, Japanese Takoyaki, this round small ping pong balls size bites is my girl's must have. A savoury dessert, balls are filled with small baby octopus inside and there are choices for toppings such as Japanese mayo, seaweed, egg salad, mozzarella cheese or prawn sauce. 

8. Eggette Lab.
This outlet is situated opposite the Snow World. A popular waffle snack from Hong Kong, it is made from eggs and flour. There are many different types of fillings such as cheese, red bean, chocolate, coffee caramel, chicken floss or tricolor original. My first taste of Eggette waffle is at Vancouver, Canada and its has been my favorite since. Eggette are freshly baked upon order so that you are able to bite into the crispy hot small eggs. I love the type with chicken floss filling whereas my youngest girl says she prefer the original type without filling. 

From left:  Tricolor - RM12.50, Green Tea with red Bean RM11.00, Golden Custard - RM13.50

Eggette Lab
T2A-K02, Level 2, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands.

9. Madame Waffle
For those who crave for durian in Sky Avenue, fear not, you still have a chance to taste Musang King durian! There are big lumps of fleshy musang king durian in this gelato creme brulee! Highly recommended

10. Dal.Komm Coffee

Try this latest Lava Cruffin series at premium cafe Dal.Komm Coffee. Dal.komm Coffee serves premium medium dark roasted Korean Coffee and I like the open air terrace seating where I can feel the natural cool air at 6000 feet high.  

New promotion is the Lava Cruffin Series with a choice of three types of fillings that is Hanjuku cheese, Green Tea or Salted Egg

Salted Egg Lava Cruffin - RM25.90

Dal.komm Coffee
Level 4, T2C-10, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands.

Desserts yes, try some desserts while you are walking around Sky Avenue to freshen up and recharge!

Other than desserts, I also explore 13 other food outlets, please read on this link: Food Adventure in Genting Highlands

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