Only Mee & JR Curry - 24 Hours Restaurant at Genting HIghlands

Malaysia is a multicultural country, therefore we are able to enjoy not only a wide variety of ethnic cuisines but being a tourist friendly country we also have western, Japanese, Korean and other. Resorts World Genting is an international tourist resort visited by millions of guests from all over the world. At present, Resorts World Genting has many exciting things happening ranging from shopping, arcade, casinos, Jurassic research centre, Ridley's Believe it or Not, cinema, snow world, bowling and of course food.

Only Mee and JR Curry is one of the few restaurants that opens 24 hours a week in Sky Avenue. It is very convenient as it is situated on the 4th floor above the Sky Casino and can easily be seen from the main escalator in Sky Avenue. So this is the place to go for guests craving for a bowl of mee in the middle of the night, or to those hungry gamblers where time is elusive to them. 

Only Mee

Only Mee is adjacent to JR Curry with both sharing the same seating area as they are under the same establishment (Only World Group). What I love about Only Mee is the mee texture which is soft yet stringy. The reason is: the mee here is freshly made daily and on the spot. We can view the process in the kitchen from the glass panel outside. 

Being a person who loves trying varieties and a small eater, I ordered this little bowl noodles. We can choose any four different types of mee. I choose Assam Laksa Penang, Dry Pan Mee, Wantan Mee Dry and soup type. They are all very good. My top marks goes the Wantan Mee. This freshly made mee is similar to the Hongkong wantan mee type. Penang Assam Laksa tastes delicious just as what it should be: sour, with a ting of sweetness, slices of fish, noodles and accompanied by the usual pineapple slices, cucumber slices, pudina leaves, bunga kantan and lastly my favorite must have - shrimp paste. 

Here's a video of the making of noodles at Only Mee

Only Mee
Level 4, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands.

JR Curry caters to the quick on the go with economical prices. Don't be fooled by the exterior as the dishes offered are of  fantastic food value. It is also known for authentic Indian Curry and local Malaysian cuisine.

There are many choices of food to choose from and for those who do not really fancy rice, there are also ready fried meehoon or fried mee. 


Each plate cost from RM18-RM20

With so many choices of dishes, I highly recommended JR Curry for a quick, simple yet sumptous meal be it lunch or dinner. Don't forget to try the curry and have it  similar to Nasi Kandar, that is try sprinkling a little bit of different types of curry onto your rice as JR Curry's specialty is curry gravy.

JR Curry
Level 4, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands
Phone03-2718 1118

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