Meriah Riang Meal, local delight for festive season form Kenny Rogers ROASTERS

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS latest promotions for coming Hari Raya season is this Meriah Riang Meal, a traditional dish with a modern twist. Traditional ayam masak merah, full of refreshing tomatoes, flavourful spices and onions are infused into KRR chicken giving this dish s tangy and spicy zest. Also introducing the Kenny's Nasi Tomato, rice cooked with tomatoes and local spices.

From RM15.50 onwards, the meals combinations are:
1) Meriah Chicken Meal – ¼ Ayam Masak Merah + Kenny’s Nasi Tomato + 1 side dish + 1 piece of Riang Ria Muffin
2) Meriah Classic Meal – ¼ Ayam Masak Merah + 2 side dishes
3) Meriah OMG Meal – 2 pieces of OMG Masak Merah Chicken + Kenny’s Nasi Tomato + 1 side dish + 1 piece of Riang Ria Muffin
4) Meriah Classic OMG Meal – 2 pieces of OMG Masak Merah Chicken + 2 side dishes

Meriah Chicken Meal - RM15.50

Meriah OMG meal - RM23.50

I like this meal better with Kenny's original OMG unfried chicken and the ayam masak merah gravy poured over it. Moreover,  there's the tomato rice, one side dish of your choice and a muffin which makes a filling meal. But how I wish there's more gravy was given on the plate when served as I am a person who loves gravy. Anyway, no worries, you can ask for more gravy without extra charge!

Riang Ria Muffin

I love KRR's signature original corn muffin and would buy a dozen home whenever I have sweet cravings. Together with this promotion, Riang Ria muffin makes a comeback with local creamy pandan taste and fillings of grated coconut that is steeped in rich brown sugar. Coconut lovers would surely love this pandan coconut muffin but yours truly being not a grated coconut lover finds this filling a bit too sweet.

Sirap Bandung - RM6.50
Sirap Bandung, a traditional favourite Malaysian thirst quencher is a must have during most opening of fast during the month of Ramadan. Here Kenny's Sirap Bandung is available for only RM6.50. I love the creamy sensation of rose and milk.

Kenny's Fizzy Rose - RM6.50
This is a refreshing rose drink with fizzy citrus crush, slice of aromatic lemon and sweet flowery rose syrup. Another good quencher for for the dry throat!

 (Centre) Won Liyin, Marketing Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn. Bhd. presenting the new Meriah Raya meal and the Riang Ria Muffin with KRR team members

Thila Chandran, Senior Marketing Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd said on behalf of KRR, said that the Raya season is about food and gatherings of family and friends, so KRR is pairing traditional and local flavours into our signature rotisserie-roasted chicken and OMG chicken to reminisce familiar taste which is classic and wholesome indulgence all in one.

 For take away package, you can save as much as RM23 in KRR's Meriah Take Me Home Package at only RM59.90. This package has one whole chicken or six (6) OMG chicken with Masak Merah sauce, four (4) pieces of Riang Ria MUffins, two side dishes, one 1.5 litre Coca Cola and a i.Care bag worth RM10.

Staff of Kenny Rogers ROASTERS at Paradigm Mall is all smiles and happy to present this Meriah Riang Meal

To avoid long queues and have your food ready for you on the table during the busy break fast moments, here's this ROASTERS Ramadhan Reservation (RRR) method. You can just make a call or walk in a KRR restaurant, confirm the dinning time and order, pay the bill to get a pre-assigned table number, easy! But please be at the restaurant on time to get a hot meal. 

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