Dining at Jaime Oliver's Italian Restaurant in Liverpool

Traveling and food goes hand in hand. "Whoa, I am in Liverpool! So what to eat?" Of course I jumped at going to Jaime's Italian Liverpool as I am an ardent fan of Jaime Oliver. I have been watching and following his TV cook shows for years until now am still watching it at Asian Food Channel (AFC). This restaurant is also within walking distance from my hotel! Not going to miss any chance, my friend and I quickly walked over to Jaime's Italian as soon as we arrived at Hotel Ibis Liverpool. 

I was ushered to a window seat for two which give fantastic view! 

I ordered the 'Famous Meat Platter' which is for two to share and Original Beef Burger and for salad it's Caesar Salad. 

The Meat Platter for Two is made up of amazing prosciutto, Tuscan fennel salami,  schiacciata piccante and mortadella with pate crostini, baby buffalo mozzarella, pecorino Sardo & chilli jam, focaccia, olives and pickles. 

Tastes excellent and we enjoyed eating it. The portions are good and just nice for two pax. The cost for this Meat platter is £15.00

The Original Beef Burger is huge with generous prime British beef in a brioche bun. There are sticky balsamic onions, tomato, mostarda di Cremona secret sauce. We are given a choice of side, too, and we opted for  a salad. It was anawesome burger, tasty with soft juicy minced beef cooked to perfection. My friend who is not a normal beef eater also commented on how good and delicious this burger is. Total cost of the Original Beef Burger is £12.50 and we can add pancetta for £1.50 or Westcombe Cheddar for £1. I chose the Westcombe Cheddar. 

As for the side, there are two types of salad to choose from. The first one is the Super Food Salad and second is the JI Caesar Salad. I chose the Caesar Salad which is made up of gem lettuce, shredded kale, roasted coutons, crispy smoked pancetta, Parmesan  and dripped with Jaime's  creamy Caesar dressing. Another lovely dish which can't be faulted anyway. The price for salad it £6.00 for small and £10.00 for big but we were given free as a side for our main ^-^

This my bill for my dinner at Jaime's Italian Liverpool. To me it is reasonably priced and we were really full. It was a fantastic meal at this renown restaurant which is not available in my country. I was very happy with the whole experience of dining here.

Jaime's Italian Liverpool is situated in Liverpool One Shopping centre, next to Browns. 

There is an outside dining area where you can sit in comfy after a tiring shopping spree in cooler weather to watch the world go by. There is also an upstairs dining, can be seated up to 50 people to cater for special celebrations and occasions. 

Paradise Street

Downstairs dining area

Jaime's Italian, Liverpool
45, Paradise Street
Liverpool, L1 3EU

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