Kampung Agong, Penaga, Penang's Tourist Attraction of Agro-themed Park

Lush greenery of  paddy fields and coconut trees! Take a walk into the scenic village of natural nostalgic 'kampung', a local Malaysian village. This countryside theme park is in the village of Bakar Kapur , Penaga, Penang. A place full of instagramable photos, so much so that I took about 2 hours to just enjoy the sceneries and also busy snapping away as many photos as I can. I was lucky that I manage to visit this fabulous place with some of my friends and my daughter, just 2 days before the Movement Control Order (MCO) came into effect in Malaysia last year 2020. 

Whoa ...ee..e, how I love the fresh village breeze on my face as I swing into the sky! To and fro I swung like a small kid, enjoying the nature and the vast fields under my feet! Yes! I just love the feeling of emptiness and peace when flying into the air. I heard taht there similar scenes like this in Bali and Kokol Hill in Sabah. But why go so far if you can just travel within Peninsular Malaysia? Kampung Agong consisted of 10 hectars of land inside Penaga, Butterworth, mainland Penang. It is about 30mins drive from Butterworth town.

How did the name Kampung Agong come about? As the story goes, the owner of this homestay is Ang Peng Tham, whose nickname is Ah Gong. Since this land is huge, thus slowly the name became known as Agong from the villagers. This Kampong Agong resort was further developed by his grandson, young entrepreneur. 

My friend bought for us the entrance ticket of RM8 each. Upon entering, there are food stalls selling traditional local food to the left, some trees are decorated with nice cute cartoon pictures, lots of coconut tree trunks on the ground for children to do balancing walk. 

What attracted me most are the 15 different sizes and shapes of bird nests which are inspired by actual weaver birds around there. Great spots for many types of poses for photography and for social media. I saw people queuing up for their turns to take photos. Visitors here are very friendly towards each other, I got my photo taken by a young lad from a group college students. Thank you very much, young man.

Various shapes of bird nest hanging on trees

Born from a gigiantic bird nest?

Such a big egg! I hope the mother bird don't suddenly swoop down to peck me , haha.

There is even a wooden decoy piano in the middle of paddy fields! 

A small boy trying to play some sweet melody, so cute! He willingly pose for me to take a picture. 

A white grand piano surrounded by rows of coconuts trees and paddy fields which is indeed a heaven for instagrammers .

There are also model traditional wooden houses, Jelapang for harvesting paddy, to lots of cute, huts made from coconut trunks. Oh.. the list can go on and on .....

Authentic well indeed!

There are also stalls selling coconut water drinks which is a great relief for us during a hot day.

Kampung Agong opened around August 2019. This place suddenly became viral and attracted lots of tourist with its beautiful instagramable photos. One can book a homestay or do team building in this resort. It is normally full during weekends and school holidays. It is convenient to drive here and there are parking assistants to direct you with a RM5 parking fee. 
The tickets charges are:
Malaysian citizens is RM 8 for adults and RM5 for children. Foreign tourist is RM15 for adult and RM15 for children. Rental of bicycle is RM5 each. 

No: 841, Bakar Kapur, 
Kampung Bakar Kapor
13100, Penaga, Penang

Tel: +6012 481 7795 
Email: kampungagong@gmail.com

Opening hours: 9am - 6pm

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Here's google map of Kampung Agong

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