Chinese New Year Reunion dinner 2022 at Hotel Premiere, Klang

Let's eat at hotels this year for Chinese New Year dinner! Last year, we didn't get to celebrate our reunion dinner properly due to restrictions as a result of lockdown (where only 15 family members within a 10 km radius can gather) to stay safe. This year interstate travel is allowed, therefore, family members from far can come back home to meet their close ones. This time it is more meaningful, so let's feast in style this year to make up for last year's loss!

Chinese New Year reunion dinner is a big affair for all Chinese families. This is a once-a-year tradition where all family members will try to gather together from far and near to meet, sit down, talk and have a feast together. To Chinese, food is an integral part of life, a full stomach symbolizes wealth and health. Since we are able to eat and can afford it, it is good sign of prosperity as a person needs to be healthy to be able to enjoy eating too. That's why the common greetings for Chinese is "Have you eaten?" or "Lu chiak pa boi?" in Hokkien dialect. 

For this coming Lunar New Year 2022, Hotel Premiere, a four-star hotel in Bukit Tinggi, Klang has come up with a special set menu for reunion dinner at its Royal Gourmet restaurant. There are 2 sets of menu offered for this Chinese New Year Reunion dinner. 

Menu APremiere Prosperous Set Menu – has an authentic 8 dishes of traditional Lunar New Year priced at RM 388+ per table of 5. The menus consist of Braised Four Treasure with Crab Meat Soup, Steamed Red Snapper with Beancurd Skin in Superior Soy Sauce, Crispy Boneless Chicken in Chef Special Sauce, Braised Baby Abalone, Mushroom, Black Moss, Tau Kan, Seasonal Green and  Braised fragrant Rice with Waxed Duck in Lotus Leaf. The desserts are Double Boiled White Fungus, Red Dates, Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulb and the Crystal Chrysanthemums Jelly and Crispy Fried New Year Cake.

For Menu B, it is called Premiere Fortune Set Menu. The photos posted here are for menu B, priced at RM588+ per table of 5. Here the premium fish dish is Tiger Grouper. I love this Stewed Chicken with Chinese Ginseng and Traditional Chinese Herbs very as it is very flavorful and aromatic. The other dishes are Dried Scallop and Crab Meat Soup, Braised Baby Abalone, Braised Fragrant Rice with Waxed Duck and the desserts to complement the platter perfectly.

Abundance of Nobility Salmon & Abalone Slices Yee Sang

Yee Sang is a must-have for every Lunar New Year feast as it signifies abundance, prosperity and vigour. It is also known as Lou Sang in Cantonese or Prosperity Toss. Everyone get together round the table to mix and toss all the ingredients with chopsticks and shout for luck, health, good tidings, and abundance of good fortune for the coming year. The higher the chopsticks can lift the ingredients signifies higher chances of attainment of wishes for the incoming year. 

Royal Gourmet Four Happiness Combination

This is my top favourite dish! I like variety, and here it is a unique variety from the normal four seasons as there are scallops, green peas, steamed fish cake with black moss (fat choy), crispy fried fish rolls. Such a lovely combination of soft steamed and crispy fried. Heavenly indeed!

Stewed Chicken with Chinese Ginseng and Traditional Chinese Herbs

This herbal chicken is steamed to perfection with traditional herbs infused into it! Another top notch dish, so aromatic with herbs and ginseng. I love the way the chicken flesh just falls off the bones. Yummy, yum, yum.....

Steamed Tiger Grouper with Homemade Sauce

The fresh Tiger Grouper fish was steamed to perfection and Homemade sauce was delicious with red dates. 

Braised Baby Abalone with Black Moss, Fish Maw, Mushroom & Seasonal Greens

Braised Fragrant Rice with Waxed Duck in Lotus Leafy

By tradition, Chinese set/course meals will serve a rice dish as the last dish so that 
everyone can go home with a full stomach. Why? Because rice is a staple food for the Chinese and many of my friends will feel that they have not eaten a proper dinner if there is no rice. 

Double Boiled Lotus Seeds with Peach gum and Osmanthus

Crystal Chrysanthemum Jelly 

Crispy Fried New Year Cake. 

This is another must-have symbolic dessert for Chinese celebrating Lunar New Year. Nian Gao is a sticky cake made and eaten only during Lunar New Year period. It is called "Nian Gao" or 'year cake', representing prosperity and the words 'nian gao' sounds like 'getting higher year on year'. This cake Nian Gou is sliced thinly and fused with thin slices of yam wrapped up in popiah skin and deep fried. With one bite, it's very crispy from the outside skin, then I can taste the soft yam and sticky gooey glutinous rice on the inside. Excellent combination in texture and taste!

From left: Mr. Christoper Chan, Hotel Manager and Chef, Yong Hun Seong

Diners will be entitled for some complimentary gifts for purchase of the Chinese New Year Set Menu. The diners are also given an opportunity to add in some Fortune Yee Sang that is available from RM68+ per plate to RM128+. The Abundance of Nobility Salmon & Abalone Slices Yee Sang and Prosperous Mixed Fruits & Vegetable Yee Sang is the restaurants signature Yee Sang and is a bestseller that comprises a mix of fresh ingredients.

 All dishes are available from 8th January 2022 to 28th February 2022 which coincides with Lunar New Year, next year. This is authentic dining option is held in Royal Gourmet restaurant at Hotel Premiere, Klang. There are a few other options of Food & Beverage outlets at Hotel Premiere such as The Buzz and Ichi PoolBar to welcome guests and travellers. The Buzz serves a culinary feast of local and international flavours, and Ichi Pool Bar has burgers, pizza and finger foods served overlooking the swimming pool. 

 For enquiries or reservations, please call +603 3325 6828 / 03-3325 6800 or email to or Whatsapp to 012 449 6258.

Here's Google map of location Hotel Premiere

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